Captain Marvel brings back some super cool 90s fashion

With the 1990s hitting Australia’s fashion scene in a big way right now, Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson, is all our wardrobe dreams come true.


The trailer shows Captain Marvel going higher, further, faster with a knockout 90s vibe, inspiring us on our own quest to nail the retro revival this autumn. We spotted at least seven wearable 90s fashion trends from Captain Marvel that are perfect to take from screen to street.


1. I’m with the band

Band tees gained peak popularity in the 90s and, due to their undeniable cool factor, retained their place in stylish wardrobes everywhere. Pull out your old favourite albums and layer your band tee underneath a jacket for a stroll around Sydney Harbour as the weather becomes less predictable.


2. New season, vintage hair

Captain Marvel’s practical, blow-dried bob reminds us a lot of ‘The Rachel’ haircut – a 90s cultural phenomenon that emerged as the stand out style of the decade for all the right reasons.


3. Speaking of hair, scrunchies!

Ok, we haven’t actually seen Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) wearing a scrunchie in the trailer, but it’s one of our favourite 90’s fashion trends. Being at the centre of all that action, we think she’d probably keep a scrunchie handy


4. Combat boots are always ready for action

You may not need to pull off the stunts that Captain Marvel does (although it probably does feel like you’re saving the world at times), but a sturdy pair of combat boots will go the distance for whatever you’ve got planned. A rainy autumn day out in Melbourne? No problem! Pair your boots with a floral dress and a denim jacket for the quintessential 90s daytime ensemble, or style them with jeans and sleek suede jacket for cooler nights out


5. Crop it

They say fashion changes, but style endures. The crop top is a case in point. We’re wearing cropped tops with just about anything, from maxi skirts and denim shorts, to jeans and – another 90s favourite – overalls!


6. The leather look

We love the (faux) leather jacket for so many reasons. It’s versatile, it’s hard-wearing and it has its own superpower: turning any look from average to awesome. Always climate appropriate – and a must if you’re heading out to the footy – the leather jacket is one timeless style staple.


7. Cap it off

Once you decide to add a baseball cap to your look, it’s customary to bend the brim of a new cap to get that custom fit that perfectly frames your face. The best part? Functional sun protection, essential for Brisbane’s never-ending sunny days.


Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is in Australian cinemas now, with even more authentic 90s trends that have only grown better with time.


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Posted 2 years Ago
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