BFFs Celebrate Galentine’s Day, Inspired by Disney Characters

Galentine’s Day is the perfect day to get with your best gal pal to celebrate everything that brings you together–all the things that make you similar, and everything that makes you different. Friendship is such a special thing and Disney has given us so many beautiful examples of it. I got with my gal pal Kristyne to put together some looks inspired by our favorite Disney duos, and it was a day filled with laughter, sweets, and memory-making!

Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse

If two gals were ever the embodiment of a friendship necklace, it would be Daisy and Minnie. They are the perfect complement to one another, proving that a friendship just grows when you accept each other and focus on being your best self. Their mutual love for bows, bold color statements, and timeless beauty shows that it’s fun to express your individual style with friends.

Joy and Sadness

One of the great things about Joy & Sadness is that even though they are polar opposites, they make each other better versions of themselves. They may be different, but they are always there to pick each other up and show that being different from one another is a good thing. They’re there to cheer each other up and teach each other something new every day.  Whether it’s giving the sweet surprise of flowers, some needed advice, or just a hug—these kinds of friends will always learn from each other and continue to be the support a true friend can provide.

Anna and Elsa

It’s often said that sisters are the best friends and best friends are like sisters, and the love between Anna & Elsa couldn’t make those statements truer. Anna & Elsa share everything together—including their love for chocolate. There are so many things that bond friends, and that connection between friends grows stronger throughout the years. There’s no stronger magic than that of love between friends or sisters.

Gal pals come in all shapes and sizes, but love for their friends is what brings them all together! I hope you all have a sweet Galentine’s Day and get inspired by the Disney BFFs we love! Be sure to tag @disneystyle in any Galentine’s Day photos you share! You can also follow me on Instagram @styledbymagic to see more adventures with my friends and style pairings!

Posted 2 years Ago
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