16 Over-the-Top Gifts for the Most Extra Disney Fan in Your Life

We all know them. Some of us may even be them. And shopping for them is not always easy. We’re talking about the most extra Disney fans.

When it comes to Disney style fans, the most extra aren’t afraid to deck themselves out in head-to-toe Disney, give Disney toys to their pets, or even have Disney Parks castles as decoration in their homes. So when it comes to shopping for them for the holidays, there’s only one tip we can give: go big or go home. If you’re looking at an obnoxiously-sized Flounder tote and wondering if they will actually wear it, the answer is yes. Would they really want more character-inspired jewelry to add to their ever-growing collection? Yes. Could they really pull off those wild Disney shoes? Yes. Yes. Yes!

We love over-the-top Disney fans and their ability to be oh-so extra. But when it comes to shopping for them, you may want some help. So, here are gift ideas ideas for the most extra Disney fan in your life:

Which do you think your most extra Disney friend would be obsessed with?

Posted 2 years Ago
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