5 Reasons Why Yesss is About to Be Your New Style Icon

It’s finally here! Ralph Breaks the Internet is in theaters and we are so excited it’s here. We couldn’t wait to see this film because we love the Disney Princesses all together, we love Ralph and Vanellope, and we love the Internet. But what truly makes us so happy is that we finally got to meet the trendsetter Yesss. And she was everything we knew she would be — a real style icon. Here’s why:Yesss in Ralph Breaks the Internet

She’s a total trendsetter.

You know those people who just look good in everything; even the things you have no idea how they’re pulling off? That’s Yesss. She’s the head algorithm at BuzzzTube, and knows everything about what’s popular, what’s not, and what’s going to be–and that goes for her sense of style, too.

She has the best outfits.

Yesss changes outfits constantly–because so do the trends–and her outfits are stellar. From matching two-piece sets to slim red pants, Yesss always knows how to put her best look forward.

Her hairstyles are always on trend.

Could you imagine getting a cut or dying your hair every time a new hair trend popped up? What’s nearly impossible for us is a quick and easy change for Yesss.

She can rock any accessory.

One thing we love so much about Yesss’ look is her mix of accessories. We don’t know any character who can pull off shield sunglasses like she can! And in a recent interview with Oh My Disney,┬áHead of Characters and Technical Animation Dave Komorowski noted that Yesss is made up of “completely digital stuff” and even her earrings aren’t attached by the earlobe like earrings, they’re floating. Her wristband is also floating. Our minds were blown.

Lastly, Yesss exudes confidence.

If you know anything about us, you know that we believe that confidence is the key to being fashionable. Yesss embodies a level of confidence that puts her at the forefront of style, and we can only do one thing to that: bow down.

Go see Yesss in Ralph Breaks the Internet, in theaters now!

Posted 2 years Ago
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