Irregular Choice Celebrates Disney Classics with New Designs Featuring Bambi and Dumbo

When it comes to the Disney classics, two characters stand out to us in terms of cuteness: Dumbo and Bambi. Both of these adorable characters have provided inspiration for fashion designers over the years, most recently at the Coach Spring 2019 show. And now these two cuties are the stars of a bright and colorful collection from British retailer Irregular Choice.

The collection features flats, boots, heels, and accessories all with over-the-top designs of Dumbo and Bambi, along with Timothy Q. Mouse, Thumper, and more. You’ll definitely make a statement in these pieces which feature 3D like elements and design details pulled straight from the films.

The Dumbo and Bambi collections from Irregular Choice are available now!

Posted 2 years Ago
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