’90s Disney Costumes That Will Bring All The Nostalgia to Your Halloween

As millennials, celebrating Halloween means spending time with friends in fun and creative costumes that are more unique than they are mainstream. We like to get nostalgic with our Halloween costumes. We want people to say things like, “Cedus lapetus!” or sing Hakuna Matata to us all night long. Plus, who doesn’t love a good ’90s Disney costume?

Check out some ideas for great ’90s Disney costumes we hope to see this Halloween season:

Max and Roxanne


Standing out above the crowd won’t be hard in this couples costume! Plus, you can channel Max and Roxanne with clothes that are probably already in your closet.


Sing Meeko

Ok, this would be such a cute Halloween costume. It would require a bit of face makeup, but if you’re up for the challenge, we’re certain it will be a win.

Pepper Ann


You’ll be one in a million rolling through Halloween in a colorful Pepper Ann costume! She’s the epitome of cartoons in the late ’90s and we’re certain friends will love your look.


What was more out of this world in the ’90s than Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century? This costume is sure to be a win major.

Pain and Panic

Pain and Panic are definitely a fun idea for a Halloween costume, but if you’ve got a third friend to be baby Hercules, we’ll give you all the points.


Gaston juggling eggs

With all the hype over Disney Villains and fashion this year, this is one Villain we’d love to see at a Halloween party.

Baby Simba

Rafiki christens Simba in The Lion King

In anticipation of the live-adaptation of The Lion King next year, we would love to see a classic baby Simba costume complete with Rafiki’s mark.


Tarzan Jane Dr. Porter Bow Tie

Who doesn’t love Jane? This costume is sure to be a hit at your wildest Halloween festivities!

The Sultan

Make an appearance this Halloween as everyone’s favorite Sultan!

What ’90s Disney costume are you being for Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 2 years Ago
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