This Walt Disney World Resort First-Timer Found Great Unexpected Photo Spots

When Disney fashionista Tanya Olivarez told us she was heading to the Walt Disney World Resort with a mission to find some great, less-explored photo spots, we couldn’t wait to see what she came up with! 

We’ve all seen our favorite tried-and-true Walt Disney World walls of Instagram, but what about all of the photo spots we don’t see every day on the ‘gram? As a first time visitor, I was so in awe of all of the new sights I was experiencing, but I couldn’t believe how many beautiful details and locations in the Parks I hadn’t seen utilized for Instagram photos before! How often do you see the intricate details in Epcot’s China Pavilion or the hidden colorful walls in Animal Kingdom while you’re scrolling through your Instagram feeds? Time to give them their moment! Tanya Olivarez at Walt Disney World In Hollywood Studios, there were so many bright, fun walls and corners! I was immediately enamored with all of the colorful buildings and the atmosphere. Toy Story Land was the cherry on top of this Park! On the way into the Slinky Dog Dash coaster, you might not notice that you’re walking over the cutest toy bridge, which also doubles as a great photo spot for your Disney Style #OOTD. Say “Ooooohhh”! Tanya Olivarez at Walt Disney World If you find yourself by the Alien Swirling Saucers, you have probably spotted the sticker wall at the far end of Toy Story Land! It’s obvious that Andy used only the cutest stickers to decorate this spot in his backyard; and it’s also another perfect photo spot for you, or you and your favorite fellow toys! Stepping into Animal Kingdom, I was speechless. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was just so in awe of the attention to detail everywhere I looked! Now we all know how photogenic Disney’s Animal Kingdom is, so we were on the hunt for spots we had never seen before. Right on the outskirts of Harambe Market lies one of the most colorful, versatile and all around coolest walls I’ve ever seen at a Disney Park! The blue, brown, gold and rust colors are sure to complement any outfit you have planned for a full day of safariing! Tanya Olivarez at Walt Disney WorldYou’ve been to Ziwani Traders in Harambe Market to check out all of the fun Animal Kingdom merchandise, but have you noticed the fun pattern surrounding the store? There’s a hidden border just to the left of one of the entrances, and it’s a great spot to grab a photo with your Dole Whip! Tanya Olivarez at Walt Disney WorldOnce you venture into Asia, you’ll spot a large tree wrapped in long pieces of fabric, next to the Chakranadi kiosk. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it ended up being a pretty great spot for a photo too! On the opposite end of the park in Dinoland, USA, Restaurantosaurus has a little Airstream trailer parked right in front. Not only is it a dino-mite location, but it also has gingham curtains–which are my favorite! Magic Kingdom was full of magical photo spots! The circus theme in Storybook Land Circus was so dreamy! The color scheme is so classic Disney that you can’t help but love it. Located behind the stationary Dumbo vehicle, there’s a fun yellow and red striped wall that is so good for photos of you and the Timothy Mouse to your Dumbo! Epcot also has the most extensive list of noteworthy photo spots, and they are all stunning! In Norway, right next to where you can chill with your favorite snowman, there’s a red doorway with the prettiest trim! I think I have to deem this location the “The Norway Doorway,” and even without the clever name, it’s a great photo spot! Aside from feeling like I was Lizzie McGuire in the middle of Italy, I also stumbled upon a fun staircase that–you guessed it–made for a cute photo spot! While every World Showcase pavilion has gorgeous photo backdrops, Morocco was overall the most intricately themed. The doors right next to the Moroccan fountain were my favorite!

It just goes to show you that maybe your new favorite Instagram wall won’t be a wall at all! Next time you’re visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, I hope you visit my new favorite photo spots!

Photo Credit: Bryan Fernandez


Posted 2 years Ago
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