The New Candy Corn Ears at the Disney Parks Will Make a Sweet Addition To Your Collection

Much like our favorite caterpillar Hemlich, we are big fans of candy corn. It’s one of the treats we always look forward to during Halloween, and of course, the cute orange, yellow, and white aesthetic always fits in during the season.

So, you could imagine how excited we were to see that the Disney Parks were transforming our favorite Halloween candy into a must-have pair of ears! Yes, candy corn ears have arrived at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort and you can bet we’ll be scooping a pair up the next time we’re there.

The ears take the iconic striping of candy corn and turn them into a sparkly bow. On the side, you’ll find the phrase “I’m just here for the candy,” which is perfect for fellow @DisneyEats fans!

You can find the candy corn ears now at the Disney Parks! Let us know if you’re heading to grab a pair in the comments below!

Posted 2 years Ago
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