5 Fashion Tips From a Plus Size Disney Fangirl

We asked fashion and beauty Disney fan Heather Traska to share her five tips for embracing your curves and dressing up in Disney style!

I love Disney Style, and I’m a size 16. As a plus size woman, I am happy to report that these things are not mutually exclusive–you can be both! Whether you want to add a splash of Disney to your everyday style or are gearing up for a trip to the Disney Parks, here are a few tips to show off your inner Disney fangirl and your curves.

  1. Wear what makes you feel good.heather traska disney styleLet’s throw the word “flattering” out the window and opt for something more size-inclusive, shall we? I spent too long trying to fit into clothes that made me feel small because of the number on the tag, rather than clothes that felt comfortable. When I started buying clothes from brands that keep plus bodies in mind–while also creating fashionable and unique garments, it was a game changer. I like to wear bright colors and lush fabrics to feel good. It makes me feel like a real life Princess, and let me tell you, glitter looks good in every size!
  2. If you’re going to the Park and planning to wear a dress or skirt, wear shorts or leggings underneath.heather traska disney styleThe number one thing I’m asked by my friends, followers, and family is, “How do you ride anything in those outfits?” I feel a lot more comfortable getting on and off of Space Mountain with shorts, leggings, or Spanx under my dresses—and, let’s be really real, it helps prevent your thighs from chaffing.
  3. Add a belt!heather traska disney styleI love my waist, and I love to accentuate it with a nice belt. If you’re Disney bounding, a belt can really help bring that final splash of color to your look! Plus (no pun intended), if you’re wearing a skirt, it will remain in place, no matter how many times you ride the Incredicoaster!
  4. Don’t be afraid to show some skin! heather traska disney styleAs plus size women or men, we are often encouraged to cover up and hide our bodies. Don’t! The heat can get intense both in Disneyland and Walt Disney World, so wear what makes you feel *cool*.  As I’d imagine Edna Mode would say, “Don’t be afraid to show some skin, dahling.” Of course, just make sure to keep it tasteful and appropriate, especially if you’re heading to the Parks.
  5. Find your pose! heather traska disney styleIf you’re feeling fly in your new outfit and ready to snap some pics for Instagram, make sure you pick a pose that makes you look the way you feel. Growing up I had a set idea of the ways I was allowed to pose–angles that were supposed to make me look “slimmer” but really just made me look stiff and unhappy.  Opt for something more natural and fun! Love your curves? Pop a hip! Love your legs? Show them off! Better yet, grab a bestie to pose alongside you!

No matter your shape or size, feel confident in your Disney style! How do you incorporate your love for Disney into your wardrobe? Tag me with @heathertraska on Instagram and be sure to use the hashtag #disneystyle!

Posted 2 years Ago
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