7 Disney Fans Share How They Styled a Classic Mickey Tee

In fashion, a plain white t-shirt is one of the most timeless pieces of clothing you can own. It goes with everything, it transitions from season to season, and it works in your wardrobe at any age. In Disney fashion, the same is true for a classic Mickey Mouse tee.

Mickey transcends time and will forever be an icon in high-to-low fashion. In the past, we’ve shown you how to style a classic Mickey tee in fashion-forward ways for the Disney Parkslike a street style fashion blogger, and with layers for cooler seasons. This time, we took to the fans for a little inspiration. We asked these seven Disney fans to share how they styled their Mickey tee and why they think Mickey is such a timeless icon:

Cristina styled her Mickey tee with a gingham skirt suit and ears.

“Mickey never goes out of style, because age doesn’t matter. We all always go back to Disney. In my case, whenever I travel to Disneyland Paris, I always get a fashion memory of Mickey.”

Eli styled her Mickey tee with a black romper, sunnies, and Mickey ears.

“I think what makes Mickey so timeless is that he brings people together — that will never go out of style.”

Jessica‘s look is the casual, yet chic.

“Since I’m always on the go, transitioning from exercising, to meeting with friends, to being a mom throughout my day, I love pairing a classic Mickey tee with something that is chic, yet classic and athletic. Since Mickey is a character that has been beloved by so many generations, pretty much anyone of any age has their own Mickey story and reason they love Mickey.”

Alisa‘s look is so cute from head to toe!

“Mickey is the embodiment of classic and fun, so I love styling outfits that incorporate both of those elements!  This Mickey tee has a classic retro feel, so I thought it would be fun to pair it with cropped vintage denim!  And to make the outfit more modern, I accessorized with more updated pieces, like trendy sunglasses and a playful bag. What makes Mickey timeless is that in everything he does or wears, he always makes it his own!  His love for life, friends, and new adventures never go out of style and are always contagious!”

Claude gives her Mickey style a groovy twist!

“I styled this Mickey tee with a ’60s festival vibes in mind. Our main Mouse has been a timeless style icon from decade to decade.”

Luci paired her printed Mickey tee with pink overalls and simple ears.

“Mickey connects to the brightest parts of our childhood and reminds us of the wonder and magic that exists. Plus, he’s universal–everyone knows Mickey.”

Kellee paired her Mickey tee with jeans, Minnie ears, and a ’90s-inspired choker for a Disney rocker vibe.

“Mickey represents happiness, fun, dreams, happily-ever-afters, fantasy, family, and so much more. He will always remain the one thing that we all love and hold onto, keeping him a forever-icon.”

How do you style your Mickey tee? Tag us on Instagram with @disneystyle and use the hashtag #MickeyTrueOriginal to share your classic Mickey style!

Posted 2 years Ago
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