4 Street Style Outfits Inspired by Belle

Belle possesses intelligence, grace, and beauty—inside and out. We look up to her for many reasons, and her style is just one of them! Drawing inspiration from the four outfits worn by Belle in Beauty and the Beast, we came up with our own street style ensembles that will make you feel like the belle of the ball, even if you’re not in a fancy ballroom.

Top, skirt, sandals: Topshop. Hat, sunglasses, bag: Urban Outfitters.

Rock these posh pieces and you’ll stand out in the crowd!

Sweater, skirt: Topshop. Bag, sandals: Urban Outfitters. Scarf: Nordstrom.

Belle stays looking stylish, even in the snow! You can also look cute when it gets chilly by wearing this outfit.

Dress, shoes: Topshop. Scarf, backpack, necklace: Urban Outfitters.

Belle’s style matches her personality: simple, yet sophisticated.

Top, shorts, bag, sandals: Topshop. Headband, earrings: Urban Outfitters.

All eyes will be on you with this lovely off-shoulder ensemble.

Posted 2 years Ago
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