3 Absolutely Stunning Hairstyles to Wear With Your Minnie and Mickey Ears

We asked Disney fashion blogger Chelsea Watson of @styledbymagic to share three photo-ready hairstyles you can wear with Minnie or Mickey ears at the Disney Parks and boy, did she deliver! 

One way to elevate your Disney Style game is by starting with your hair! Mickey or Minnie ears are always my first go-to accessory for the Parks, so it just makes sense that you would get a little creative with your hair, too! I teamed up with hair and makeup designer Mychael Peter Humphries to showcase 3 styles that really stand out!

A crown braid fit for a Princess

To re-create this style, follow these simple steps below!

  1. Start by parting your hair down the middle. 
  2. Once parted, French braid one side of your hair from the top of your neck to the front of your head, continuing parallel across your forehead. Once you get to the top of your opposite ear, secure with a hair tie. 
  3. Next, French braid the opposite side towards the front of your head like the first side. Once you reach where you tied off the first braid, merge the the two sections together in a 3-strand braid. 
  4. Now that you’ve braided those sections together all the way down, secure with a hair tie. 
  5. Once you’ve tied it off, you can pull that braid back across the top of your head and secure with bobby pins. To add more volume to the braids, use the pick on a comb to pull some of the hair out of the braids. 
  6. Now all that’s left to do is put on your ears! If you want, you can add your choice of flowers to place in your braids to make a flower crown! This is especially perfect if you’re wanting to channel Rapunzel or celebrate the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

You’ve officially been crowned and are ready for a fun day at the Disney Parks!

Blue Bird Hair Bow

Here’s how to get a hairstyle that looks like little blue birds could have helped you tie it!

  1. Start by pulling your hair halfway up and secure it with a hair tie. Then you’ll need to section the pony into three sections. 
  2. Before you start creating the bow, loosely curl your hair and then tease the half pony to give it some volume and grip. 
  3. To create the bow, take one of the outer 3 sections of your pony and finger-roll it in towards your head and secure with bobby pins. Repeat on other side. 
  4. Now all that’s left to do is to fluff the bow ears and let down the center section so that they create the tails of the bow! 

With this style, you’ll be ready to make your entrance to the Park for all the castle photos your heart desires!

Out-of-this-world space buns

For all you Disney fans living with ’90s nostalgia that want to be like our girl Zenon, this style will make your heart go BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Here’s how to get the Supernova Girl style:

  1. Start by parting the hair down the middle and securing in 2 high pigtails. You’ll want to tease each pigtail so that they’ll create a nice cotton candy type texture for your buns. 
  2. To create the buns, start by taking the teased hair and wrapping it around the base of the pigtail. You’ll want to do this kind of loosely and haphazardly to create the messy effect. Secure the bun with bobby pins where necessary. Repeat with the other side. Once you’ve secured the buns, tame any fly-aways and lock hair into place with hairspray. 
  3. Using your choice of cosmetic grade glitter and hair gel, mix the two together and paint into the hair coming from the part and blend outward. 
  4. While the gel is still wet, use a pair of tweezers to place your choice of foil confetti along the part of your hair! I chose Mickey foil confetti, but stars or any other would be just as fitting! 

You’re all set for a galactic ride on Space Mountain and for photos at the Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom!

Now that you’ve got some new hair inspiration, I hope to see you rocking your magical looks on your next visit to the Disney Parks with your Mickey and Minnie ears!

Be sure to tag @disneystyle and @styledbymagic in your Disney hair photos!

Posted 2 years Ago
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