Anatomy of a Disney Character: Olivia Flaversham

Often times, a fashion trend takes off and as Disney Style editors, we immediately think of Disney characters who did it first, wore it better … you know the drill. So with berets becoming a signature accessory of this winter season, we couldn’t think of a more perfect character to feature next in this series than The Great Mouse Detective‘s Olivia Flaversham.

Fashion Anatomy of Olivia Flaversham

Olivia is definitely one of the most stylish Disney characters in our book. She wears a matching hat and coat set with blue tights that we could only dream of pulling off so well. Her coat depicts fashion in England during the late 1800s when the film takes place, and her pom-pom beret is renewed across fashion today.

Would you wear Olivia’s look in the winter today?

Posted 3 years Ago
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