We Love These Menswear-Inspired DisneyBounds

DisneyBounding is just one of the many ways we see Disney fans expressing themselves through personal style. It’s a way to show off your Disney fandom, through the inspiration of your favorite Disney characters.

But what we love seeing the most from DisneyBounders is how they combine influences from the fashion industry with the bright colors and characteristics of their favorite characters. That’s why these fans really stood out on Instagram — they turned their DisneyBounds into a chic menswear-inspired looks:

Cailey was inspired by one of the most feminine characters to create an awesome Bo Peep look.

Sarah chose a brown pinstripe trouser to complete her Wreck-It Ralph DisneyBound.

We love how Briana used Cinderella’s color palette, a collared shirt, and tailored trousers to put together this comfortable look.

She also wore a trench coat and wingtip shoes that were perfect for a Basil ‘Bound.

April’s red blazer really makes this Captain Hook DisneyBound.

We love seeing your DisneyBounds! Show us how you express your personal style through DisneyBounding by tagging @disneystyle on Instagram and be sure to check out DisneyBound for more outfit inspiration!

Posted 10 months Ago
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