5 Disney Style Tips to Reboot Your Wardrobe

Ever feel like you’ve got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Ya, me too. Well, guess what? The trick isn’t to go out and buy a new slew of stuff, but to find ways of reinventing and rethinking about how to wear the old.

Maybe you’ve got jeans you love, or a go-to top, but what if you didn’t think in the category of “favorites?” Instead of always reaching for the same beloved items, try these few Disney Style tips to reinvent your wardrobe:

1. Take color cues from Disney characters.

If there’s one thing we know about Disney characters just by looking at them, it’s that they’re colors are distinct and vibrant. We’re not saying you should spend every day DisneyBounding (though, we’re not opposed to the idea), but think of a character and grab that color first. Work the rest of your outfit around that piece for a refreshing style!

2. DIY your personal style.

A great way to reinvent your denim is by adding Disney patches and flair to that express your personal style. We’ve got tons of denim DIYs if it’s time to repurpose a pair jeans or upgrade your denim jacket.

3. Reinvent a classic.

Know which items in your wardrobe are your classics—for us, that’s always a Mickey tee. Take yours and mix it with items you wouldn’t normally choose to pair it with. We love dressing up the classic with fun skirts and heels, or layered with suiting and embellished jackets.

4. Add Disney accessories to your look.

Even on days of resorting back to your go-to look, there’s always a way to reboot your style. The best way to do that is with Disney accessories. If your go-to style includes jeans and a striped shirt, add a Disney scarf or Disney x Danielle Nicole bag to show off your fandom, and change your look.

5. Try a new trend, inspired by Disney!

If your style typically leans towards Anita Radcliffe’s ladylike A-line look, and less towards Mrs. Incredible’s superhero style–change it up! Get inspired by Kim Possible’s cargo style one day, Ariel’s mermaid vibes another, and Minnie Mouse’s polka dot style another!

The easiest part about this is that it’s all right there—in your closet—already, so you can get started right away! We’re challenging you to try a new look every day this week!

Posted 3 years Ago
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