7 Times Lizzie McGuire Was Wearing Something You’re Wearing Right Now

I know I don’t have to tell you that fashion has a habit of repeating itself. New celebrity faces of 2017 may be reverting back to the years of chokers, high-waisted jeans, and platforms, but may we not forget the people who began sporting those trends years ago—like Lizzie. In fact, have you watched Lizzie McGuire recently? It’s serving so much ’00s fashion inspiration that I’m thinking about a trip to Claire’s after work.

1. ChokersLizzie McGuire Hair_Headband

There’s no denying that chokers have made their way back into mainstream fashion. But of course, Lizzie was on top of the trend first.

2. Double Hair BunsLizzie McGuire Hair_Half Updo Twist

I’m honestly bummed that this trend came back sans butterfly hair clips. Oh well, this is still a style I love seeing at concerts and fashion events.

3. Mesh Tops Lizzie McGuire_9

What was once viewed as a bit daring is now an everyday trend. Semi-sheer tops that come in a solid or print are worn over tank tops with straight-leg high-waisted jeans, for a totally ’00s look.

4. Overalls 

Long before you started wearing denim overalls to music festivals, Lizzie was wearing them to school with a cute baseball tee and bangs.

5. Random Graphic TeesLizzie McGuire_4

We often see people making a fashion statement by wearing totally random graphic tees of a restaurant or special event they never even went to, but—you guessed it—Lizzie did it, too. Lizzie isn’t a “rodeo girl,” nor does she have any ties to Kentucky (that we know of), but she still makes a fashion statement with this embellished tee.

6. Sheer Glasses Lizzie McGuire_2

Frameless sunglasses have gone in and out of style over the years, but are back to put the finishing touch on an early 2000’s-inspired outfit.

7. Newsgirl Cap Disney Confessions 8

Honestly, I’ve never been mad at a paperboy hat like this iconic one from the opening scene of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It’s an accessory that instantly shows a sense of confidence and style.

What are you wearing that Lizzie wore then? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 11 months Ago
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