You can learn a lot about someone from the contents of their handbag. While some people carry everything but the kitchen sink in their purse, others prefer a more minimalist approach. Personally, I like to have everything on hand because you never know what you might need in day!

For our “From the Purse of” series, we’ve featured everyone from Princess Tiana and Queen Elsa, to Maleficent and Wendy Darling. This time, we’re diving into the purse of Megara–or as we better know her as–Meg. 

Meg is the witty leading lady of Hercules, whose cascading high ponytail is almost as iconic as Herc himself. So, it’s no surprise that she would carry around a hair teasing brush and gold clasped hair tie. And since Meg’s makeup look is always so on point, we included her signature lavender eye shadow palette and eye liner to maintain her perfect cat eye look. Of course, we all have our “don’t talk to me” days that require a pair of sunglasses, and Meg is no different. She keeps a pair close by for any run-ins with Hades.

Since we chose  a fairly large handbag for Meg, we included a small gold card case to keep cash and cards contained. And lastly, we’ve added a Grecian-inspired cuff to tie her outfit together when she’s feeling the need to accessorize.

What else do you think Meg would carry with her? Tell us in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by Disney Style, it’s been a real slice.

Posted 11 months Ago
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