We Need to Get a Hold of These ’90s Lion King Pieces From Disney Store

We know you’ll all agree that The Lion King is one of the best nostalgic films in the Disney catalogue. You’ve seen it 100 times, know all the words to every song, and may have even owned a few Lion King products (ok, more than a few).

I’ll never forget watching the movie with my brother and rewinding to watch “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” over and over again, or all the times I played The Lion King on Sega Genesis. It’s really one of those movies that’s just as good as the first time you ever saw it. Well, it’s the 23rd anniversary of the beloved film and we’re celebrating with something pretty amazing.

We selected some of our favorite and most memorable Lion King pieces from the Disney Store catalogue in the ’90s and honestly, we need to track them down ASAP. 90s lion kingI really wish I had this backpack to jazz up my Disney style at music festivals. 90s lion kingI have a proposition: Bring back the ’90s nightshirt. I may be biased, but Disney made all the best ones. Two words: SAND ART. Does anyone even make printed silk pajama shorts anymore? I’m really not sure why they would stop—these are epic. Just realized how lame my living room is without this. I’ve already asked every dad and uncle if they ever had this jacket, because it’s definitely something I want in my closet. This backpack comes fully equipped with bug patches and even a slimy yet satisfying keychain.

The Lion King is available Digital HD on August 15 and Blu-ray August 29!

Posted 10 months Ago
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