We Recreate Cars Fans’ Childhood Photos With Modern Trends

With Disney•Pixar’s Cars 3 hitting cinemas today, we’re feeling nostalgic. We remember when the first Cars movie came out, in 2006, and our love for the story, the characters and Radiator Springs has never left us. We’ve grown so much since then and so has our sense of style, so we thought we’d take a trip down Route 66 to Cars memory lane and and invited few Disney Style readers came with us!

We found three OG Cars fans, with a childhood photo that captured their first Cars-stage and asked them to join us in Sydney for a fashion shoot where we recreated their childhood photos.



First up, Emily and Vanessa, two sisters who were 12 and 14 years old when this pic was taken Christmas 2007. We gave them a Disney Style makeover, and recreated their fan pic with on-trend styles. We love how we can see Mater and Lightning McQueen in their updated looks.

I was actually jealous of Em because she got to pick Mater, who was my favourite character. – Vanessa

I really liked how Disney Style took the Cars elements and incorporated them into our dress sense. – Emily


Ashlyn swears she wore this Cars shirt every day for weeks on end when she was 8 years old. It was even from the boys section, and she didn’t care. She loved Lightning McQueen that much.

Her recreated look has a bit of an edge to it. We love the leather skirt, racing stripe tee and bandanna in her hair. And we agree with Ashlyn when she says the badges are adorable.

It’s been really great to recreate such a special childhood memory. I’ve always been a Cars fan, and Cars 3 is another chance to get really excited about Lightning McQueen and everything again. – Ashlyn


Tell us in the comments if you have an old-school Cars pic, and how you would update it.

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Posted 12 months Ago
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