7 Times Ryan Evans Was a Legit Style King

While each character from the High School Musical trilogy is a fashion star in their own way, today we’re paying special attention to the king of coordination and statement making hats, Ryan Evans. In the same vein of our exploration into Chad’s impressive T-shirt collection, here are the seven times Ryan Evans was a legit style king:

1. His First Outfit

What a way to introduce a character! In High School Musical, we meet Ryan while he’s dressed in this polished ensemble that shows off one of his signature newsboy caps and a coordinating white zip-up sweater.

2. His “We’re All in This Together” Look

Remember when Justin Timberlake started wearing fedoras and pork pie hats all the time? Well, we’re not saying that Ryan Evans influenced JT’s style choices, but Ryan was definitely wearing his fedoras and newsboy caps prior to the former Mickey Mouse Club star. Anyway, this red hat and matching shirt combo has Ryan’s signature put-together style, but with a nod to his East High Wildcats.

3. His “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” Ensemble

At first glance it looks as if this scene is one of the few times we see Ryan without one of his signature hats, but we’re going to argue that he is indeed wearing a hat—the proverbial hat known as “being a supportive sibling.” Seriously, Ryan does an amazing job constantly coordinating his outfits to match Sharpay’s, and this is just another example of his selflessness when it comes to style.

4. His Baseball Outfit

You’ve got to applaud Ryan Evans for being daring enough to rock an all-white ensemble during a baseball game. Bonus points for keeping it clean until the very end of the musical number (which we would argue was Chad’s fault).

5. This Suit

This is what a style legend looks like. Ryan knows the sacrifices of looking good 24/7, so when he commits to an outfit, he really commits. Case in point: this white suit with hot pink trim, which he wore in High School Musical 2 during Sharpay’s “Fabulous” number. It’s probably 90 degrees outside and Ryan isn’t even sweating, he’s GLOWING.

6. This Pattern Mixing Look

One of the telltale signs of a true fashion icon is bucking the unwritten rules, and Ryan does just that with his mix of argyle and polka dots.

7. Backstage Casual

Leave it to Ryan Evans to show us how to do “casual” in the most fashionable way. Honestly, this looks like something normal people would throw on to meet a friend for lunch, but as we’ve proven, Ryan is no mere mortal when it comes to style. He reserves T-shirts, like this rhinestoned New York graphic tee, for relaxed occasions.

What’s your favorite Ryan Evans style moment? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 11 months Ago
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