Celebrate The Star Wars 40th Anniversary With These Twinning Looks

As fans, we can tell you that even after 40 years Star Wars has never gone out of style. The saga is full of unforgettable relationships and iconic fashion moments, so in appreciation of this legacy and the 40th Anniversary we put together Star Wars inspired twinning looks perfect for you and your BFF/boyfriend/girlfriend. We think they’re totally wearable and totally instagrammable. Check them out:

Share Your Dark Side

Think black, dark black and darker black contrasted with crisp white and pops of dark side red. The guy’s tee from Myer makes a simple, yet striking statement. We think the boots add an intimidating edge and this dress from Big W is definitely a new favourite of ours.


Share a moment with your constant companion with this same-but-different approach to twinning. Colour is key to taking inspiration from R2-D2 and C-3PO, so we layered day-to-day basics with royal blue and went all out with gold. Those tees are from Big W.
Disney Style Star Wars Couples Outfits

Love at First Flight

Inspired by the pilots of both the Rebellion and the Resistance (who are known for relying on their wingmen – and seriously, who doesn’t right?), we layered simple orange pieces with white vests and jackets to create this matchy-matchy moment. Show your allegiance to the Rebel Alliance with this X-wing baseball tee from Big W.
Disney Style Star Wars Couples Outfits

“I love you”, “I know”

Of course we are always inspired by Princess Leia Organa, after all she ranks among the galaxy’s greatest heroes. And while it would be a stretch to say her relationship with Han Solo is “effortlessly in-sync”, their look absolutely is.

On her, the cowl neck and flared sleeves are a subtle throwback to Leia’s classic white hooded-dress, but the short hemline and silver accessories make this look cocktail-party ready. On him, we kept the look pretty true to the original, but with dress boots and pants to dress it up a touch.

By mixing together your day-to-day basics with character-inspired pieces you too can create twinning Star Wars inspired looks for both day and night. And with 40 years of Star Wars saga to draw on, you’ll never be without inspiration. Celebrate Star Wars 40th this month and tell us in the comments which look is your fave.

Posted 3 years Ago
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