Here’s the Monsters University Hat Every Disney Style Girl Wears and Why It’s So Great

No matter which Disney Park you visit, or what time of year it is, you are undoubtedly going to see a number of girls wearing this semi-distressed Monsters University baseball hat. It’s as much of a favorite of Monsters University fans as it is girls avoiding a bad hair day. So, what’s so great about it, you ask?

Literally, everything.

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Let’s back up for a second and talk about why this style of cap is so popular. Dad hats—as they’re called—are a trend from 2016 that have been approved by celebrities and fashionistas around the world, but have been worn atop heads of khaki-wearing fathers for several decades. Unlike trucker or fitted hat styles, dad hats come in a vintaged soft cotton that sits comfortably on your head. We all know that some clothing and accessories become better with age and wear. Well, the MU hat goes the extra step of coming distressed and worn in already!Like any college or sports hat, the intent of an embroidered logo at the front is to wear it in solidarity; you wear a Bruins hat because you went to UCLA, you wear a Yankees hat because you’re from New York. So in a similar case, you wear an MU hat because you’re a fan of Monsters University, or even just of Disney in general. So what better place to wear the hat than at the Parks with other Disney fans?

Its royal blue color, MU logo appliqué, and distressed light cotton are all reasons this hat has become a Disney Style fan’s go-to accessory. We can’t wait to see how you style yours on your next visit to the Parks!

Posted 12 months Ago
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