6 Incredibly Unexpected Disney Characters to DisneyBound As Next

DisneyBounding has become a huge fashion phenomenon, and seeing your DisneyBound outfits on social media has easily become one of our favorite things of all time. What we love most about the trend is that it reminds us just how many beloved Disney characters there are! Princess and Winnie the Pooh ‘Bounds are always amazing, but this time, we’re pulling inspiration from a few unexpected classic Disney characters:

Roger Bomman, Angels in the Outfield 

The ’90s are back, so it’s the perfect time to test out this DisneyBound! Plus, who doesn’t love Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Launchpad McQuack, DuckTales

Put your own spin on pilot style by channelling DuckTales‘ Launchpad McQuack! He sure knows a thing or two about accessorizing!

Derice Bannock, Cool Runnings 

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Colorblock—it’s DisneyBound time! This ‘Bound is sure to be recognized, and all it takes is green, yellow, and black colorblocking!

Quorra, Tron: Legacy

While this futuristic Tron-inspired outfit may not be entirely comfortable for a full day at the Parks, it’s definitely an outfit you can channel for a night out.

Grand Councilwoman, Lilo & Stitch

The Grand Councilwoman in Lilo & Stitch has one of the better color palettes for DisneyBounding. Bonus points if you can find gold points and curves to mimic her look.

Gordon Bombay, The Mighty Ducks

Next time you can’t think of what to wear, we’re suggesting you look no further than Coach Bombay. Sure, he may not be the first person we think of when it comes to stylish Disney characters, but translated into a DisneyBound using today’s fashion, this look is pretty cute!

Which unexpected Disney character would you like to see next? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 1 year Ago
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