4 Major Reasons Why Esmeralda is Really the Fashion Icon of Today

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t give Esmeralda’s outfit nearly as much attention as I should. But this season, she might actually be the most on-trend character in the Disney catalogue. Here’s why:


1. Her off-the-shoulder top is so summer-ready.

Off-the-shoulder tops have been huge this spring and will work their way well into summer style. Esmeralda rocks a billowed sleeve version that’s right on trend.

2. She rocks a thick waist belt.

Another major trend this season involves accessorizing with a thick belt. Whether over pants and a top, or across a loose shift dress, sash-like belts are a fun accessory to dress up your look like Esmeralda.

3. She basically started the mono-earring trend.

Remember how Saint Laurent, Versace, Chanel, and more showed single statement earrings in their spring/summer shows? Anyone else think of Esmeralda’s single hoop earring look? 

4. Her ruffled asymmetric skirt is worthy of vacation Instagrams.

With vacation season kicking into gear, asymmetric skirts with ruffled trims are a closet must-have. They’re perfect for a evening of dinner and dancing.

See what I mean? She’s managed to tie all four trends into one outfit without going over the top. That’s why Esmeralda is the perfect inspiration for your spring/summer wardrobe!

Posted 1 year Ago
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