The Fashion Is Strong With This Star Wars-Inspired Photo Shoot

Oseas Villatoro is a Los Angeles fashion designer who specializes in storytelling through his edgy designs for men and women. He has shown his collections at NYFW, made it to the semi-finals for Project Runway, and designed one-of-a-kind looks for the Her Universe fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014 and 2015. Like us, he believes that fashion is a means for expression, and enjoys seeing people telling stories through their wardrobe. When the designer’s friend Josie Gonzales, a San Diego fashion photographer and the shoot’s art director, began working with Villatoro, they joked about how some of his garment’s reminded her of Star Wars DisneyBounds. Josie told us,

I couldn’t get the looks out of my head and immediately knew we had to do a Star Wars-inspired shoot.

They got a few of their friends from the fashion industry together and started collaborating on ideas. To achieve the strongest Tatooine-inspired setting, they visited San Diego’s Imperial Sand Dunes. 

After about two months of planning, Josie and her second photographer Al Vintayan researched Star Wars characters to put together inspired outfits from the two designers they collaborated with—Oseas Villatoro and I-AM-ZOE.

She was mostly drawn to characters from Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In those two specific films, the characters are starting on their heroic journey, so Josie was not only drawn to the costumes, but also to the strength in their personalities. 

They broke each models’ (Natalia Fulton, Victoria Rose, and Hannah Rumsey) look down by color scheme, and then made sure to maintain the characters’ personalities through their expressions. 

Everyone involved in the shoot are friends who simply had a passion to do something exciting together. The idea of creating something fashion-forward around Star Wars was an easy sell in terms of putting together a team of professionals. Hair and makeup (done by Marisa Von Sheere and Rachel Gallenberger) also played a huge role in getting our character-inspired looks just right. 

We love seeing the power of collaboration and creativity with this Star Wars-inspired photo shoot, and we can’t wait to celebrate the Star Wars 40th anniversary with you all next month!

Photographer/Art Director: Josie Gonzales
2nd Photographer: Al Vintayen
Models: Natalia Fulton, Hannah Rumsey, Victoria Rose
Hair/Makeup: Marisa Von Sheere and Rachel Gallenberger

Posted 1 year Ago
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