This Is What the Fashion at the Disney Store Looked Like in the ’90s

In the ’90s, was there was literally nothing better than getting the Disney Store catalog in the mail. True story: As a kid, I would sit with the Disney Store magazine for hours, picking out an exhaustive list of things I wanted and fantasizing about the Disney toys I’d hypothetically have in my playroom one day. I can’t express how much I loved that Disney circular.

Well, our friends at shopDisney are celebrating their 30th Anniversary (!!!) and we decided to dive into their archives for us to find some of the best ’90s Disney fashion that graced the catalogs. Needless to say, the result is a major trip down memory lane and really, really makes us wish we could get our hands on these sweet ’90s Disney pieces.

Insert all the heart eye emojis for this jacket. Because we always wear our Mickey tee with light-wash high-rise jeans and soccer ball.A couple that wears Disney Store together, stays together. Layered tees were all the rage.MICKEY. MOUSE. WORKOUT. OUTFIT. Oh, how we wish we owned this. You can never go wrong with a classic baseball cap. A denim Mickey jacket never goes out of style.This outfit has it all: glitter, sequins, and tied off with a scrunchie.   Everyone in the ’90s needed an oversized sleep shirt.

Celebrate 30 years of shopDisney and bring home the magic of the last three decades!

Posted 3 years Ago
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