How to Create a Perfectly Instagrammable Disney Style Flat Lay

Flat lay photos aren’t new to the world of Instagram, but may be to you. They serve as the perfect way to share your Disney style, whether it’s by sharing what you’re planning to wear for a trip to the Disney Parks or by showing off your desk style. The main ingredients of a good flat lay—much like any Instagram post—are style and storytelling.

We’re giving you five tips for how to create the perfect Instagrammable Disney flat lay photo:

1. Use recognizable characters or symbols.

For a Park outfit flat lay, make a character like Mickey the highlight of your photo. Don’t complicate the shot with too many additional prints and colors. Keep it simple but statement-worthy.

2. Share a lifestyle, not just an outfit.

Add lifestyle pieces to your outfit flat lay that best represent you. Use the additional items to fill negative space, break frame, and layer.

3. Maintain a consistent color palette.

Even the busiest of flat lays need to be held together by a consistent color palette or theme. In this case, we’ve kept a pastel palette in a desk decor theme. Plus, subtle hints instantly tell us that this girl is a Disney fan.

4. Embrace the negative space.

Contrary to the prior photo, not all flat lays need to be filled to the brim with items. Sometimes you can tell the same story with just a few pieces  and a lot of negative space.

5. Stick to one theme.

Themes are important in creating a successful flat lay image. Whether you’re sharing food, clothing, or general products, having a theme to tie your items together can help to create a perfectly Instagrammable photo.

We love seeing your #flatlay images on Instagram—be sure to tag @disneystyle to share yours!

Posted 1 year Ago
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