We Can’t Wait to Wear These Beauty and the Beast DisneyBounds to the Movie Theater

With the release of Beauty and the Beast just around the corner, it’s time to get those DisneyBounds ready. DisneyBounding as real people or live action characters always create some of my favorite looks! You can usually find a lot of modern day fashion inspiration found directly on the characters. Now, let’s add in an 18th century twist and a whole lot of gold—and we’ve got ourselves a challenge!

My favorite way to keep DisneyBounds fresh and far from costume-y is by looking at what is trending that season and incorporating it into my look. In Beauty and the Beast, we are seeing lots of gold and blues, as well as off-the-shoulder pieces, reminiscent of the 18th century era.


Pinafores and embroidered denim are going to be readily available this spring, which is why this look based off of Belle’s blue dress from the beginning of the movie will be easy to put together! I’ve paired the look with Danielle Nicole’s “Tale As Old As Time” clutch. The socks are an extra touch—but for the DisneyBounder who wants to get really accurate—this beauty but a funny girl likes to show off her socks with her ankle boots.


Gaston’s look is one of my favorites from the new film. That red military jacket makes for the perfect statement piece. Don’t forget that Gaston uses antlers in all of his decorating—so incorporate a few antler accessories to decorate your DisneyBound!


While LeFou’s look is rather simple—it actually translates over to modern day trends pretty nicely. I’ve traded his military jacket for this grey duster coat and paired it with a pussy bow blouse. Instead of including a massive red bow, I kept it simple with a red clutch.


I love the deep red found in Cogsworth’s look. Gold can be a difficult color to find and wear, but the red helps to break up the look. As Cogsworth seems to be fairly decorated with awards and accolades, add a brooch or pin to your lapel when building out this look.


Lumiere’s look is very gold to say the least! I tried to keep it as simple as I could with an all gold look, with a gold swing dress and a matching kimono cardigan to match Lumiere’s gold on gold ensemble.


Garderobe has a gorgeous ornate powder blue and gold wardrobe, which I tried to match with this Oscar de la Renta cocktail dress. Pairing it with gold accessories and a masquerade mask cuff, this part-time wardrobe, part-time opera singer is formal-ready!


Plumette was another character that deserved the formal treatment. This off-the-shoulder dress with bell sleeves reminded me of the gown she wears in the film. I accented the look with a white peacock ear cuff and a feather clutch—reminiscent of her days under an enchanted spell.

Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts’ look might be my favorite from the entire set. I tried to pay homage to her 18th century gown with this off-the-shoulder blouse and pleated a-line floral skirt. Unlike the other enchanted staff, her gold accents are much more subtle, which I included in her accessories.


The Beast likes his ruffled blouses. Don’t be afraid to pair black, blue, and brown for this look to match the color blocking found on the Beast in the film. With gold being the running trend in this castle, I’ve made his accessories gold to match the detail in his look.


The thing I love most about Belle’s yellow gown is the movement it has in the ballroom scene, which I think the material in this dress has. I went with the off-the-shoulder look to pay homage to her original dress and to stay with the running trends of spring/summer! Her accessories in this scene are my favorite details, including her ear cuff and necklace.

DisneyBounding is the best way to incorporate a little extra Disney magic into your movie viewing experience. I can’t wait to see what you guys put together when you go check out Beauty and the Beast, in theaters March 17. Get your tickets now!

Posted 3 years Ago
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