8 Couple DisneyBounds for You and Your Valentine

From classic couples like Daisy and Donald Duck to partners in crime like Todd and Copper, Disney is known for their dynamic duos. In fact, some of my most favorite DisneyBound experiences have been spent with friends!

Some DisneyBounds are more obvious than others, which is why having a partner can help to bring out some of the less obvious looks. For example, Cinderella tends to be very recognizable, whereas Prince Charming might not be. However, a Prince Charming with their Cinderella makes for the perfect pair.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some ideas for DisneyBounding with your valentine. Whether you’re spending the day with your special someone or your very best friend, you can spend it channelling your favorite Disney character!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

rapunzel_flynnriderAre you ready for the Best. Valentine’s. Day. Ever!? This classic look is based off of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. I used the accessories for Rapunzel’s look to tie in some aspects of her story—like the golden flower and her braided hair.


eve_walleThey say opposites attract! I always have fun styling WALL•E and EVE’s looks. EVE is head-to-toe white with blue accents, whereas WALL•E can be a bit more rugged. (This duo is actually a trio! I’ve added a bug ring so that WALL•E can have his best friend in tow!)

Cinderella and Prince Charming

princecharming_cinderellaCinderella and Prince Charming is a great DisneyBound for the guy who wants to keep it simple.With just some simple color blocking you can take your princely form, while your Cinderella can accessorize her look all-out! Just make sure you have her home before midnight!

Daisy Duck and Donald Duck

daisy_donaldI always love a good classic romance! Donald makes for a great simple, yet recognizable DisneyBound. With a few items, Donald can easily transform into everyone’s favorite cantankerous character. For Daisy, I color blocked her from head to toe, using pink sunglasses to replace her bow!

Meeko and Flit

flit_meekoFlit and Meeko might not speak, but their personalities speak volumes. While Meeko just requires head-to-toe grey with black accents, Flit gets to be the bright, eye-catching Bounder! I used the kimono cardigan to act as Flit’s turquoise, feathery wings!

Todd and Copper

copper_toddFrom street style to boho chic Todd and Copper have it all. I was looking for an excuse to use this pinafore, which screamed boho beauty—much like Todd! Don’t forget the “Best Friends” necklaces for you and your favorite!

Mulan and Shang

mulan_shangThese two characters have a lot going on in their wardrobes. When it comes to building out DisneyBounds for them, try to color block as close as you can with the colors and where they fall. A red hoodie or cardigan can act as Shang’s cape.

Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix, Jr.

felix_ralphFix-It Felix and Wreck-It Ralph are two of my personal favorite characters to DisneyBound! Felix can be created using simple denims from head-to-toe. This look might not even be recognized as Felix on its own—but add in a Ralph and it’s game over! I used the video game console clutch for Ralph’s look as an homage to the world they live in.

Which DisneyBound is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 1 year Ago
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