8 Unique Ways to Style These All-New Disney Pins

In the world of Disney style, enamel pins are some of the best accessories to instantly upgrade your look. That’s why we’re so excited to share Disney Store’s 30th anniversary pin collection! Last weekend, three new pins were released from the collection, and every Saturday (in-store) and every Sunday (online), three new pins will be released—through April 1.

However, we know your usual denim jacket has enough flair on it by now. That’s why we’re showing you a few new ways (ok, maybe not all new) to wear your Disney pins.

1. On a snapback hatDISNEY_Style_Pins-0017 DISNEY_Style_Pins-0016

If you know us well, you know we love dad hats, and adding flair to them makes us love them even more. To do this, you’ll need an adjustable snapback so that you can leave it loose enough for the interior of the pins not to bother you.

2. On your camera strap


First of all, how cute is Groot?! Decorate your camera strap with your favorite characters no matter where you go.

3. On a neck scarf


Neck scarves have become a regular accessory in the closet of a fashionista. Adding a pin to the tie, or, if they’re small enough, to the ends of the scarf is an easy and subtle way to add a little Disney style to your look.

4. On a backpack


Ok, so putting pins on your bag isn’t all that novel. But we love decorating a printed backpack with a variety of pins from all our favorite Disney films.

5. On a woven hat


Make your basic straw hat not so basic. By adding one small pin, you can transform your entire look from simple to unique.

6. On your collar


In our opinion, this is the best way to wear your smaller Disney pins. It’s a fun way to show your Disney style to everyone you meet. Try a mix of characters, or two that go together.

7. On your crossbody bag

DISNEY_Style_Pins-0047 DISNEY_Style_Pins-0049

We know that a crossbody bag is often your every day bag. Change the vibe of your look by decorating the strap with pins. (Be sure to only try this out on canvas straps like the one above.)

8. On your overalls

DISNEY_Style_Pins-0002 DISNEY_Style_Pins-0003

Overalls have made quite the comeback during the ’90s revival over the past few years. But a Disney Style fan really knows how to jazz their overalls up with a few enamel pins.

Celebrate Disney Store’s 30th anniversary by collecting all of the new pins! Plus, when you buy the official Disney Store anniversary backpack, you’ll get a free limited edition Jiminy Cricket pin!

We can’t wait to see how you style your Disney Store 30th anniversary pins! Tag us with @disneystyle to show us your unique pin styling!

Posted 4 years Ago
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