From the Purse of: Maleficent

Oh Maleficent, how we love you so. From her perfectly contoured look to her ability to make party crashing an art, Maleficent knows how to make a statement wherever she goes. But, what would the Mistress of All Evil carry inside her purse? Imagine with us, if you will …


To start, this black Sole Society purse stood out to us as handbag of choice because of it’s unique angle detailing. Doesn’t it remind you of Maleficent’s horns? We know she’d appreciate that, as well as the chic tassel zipper. Maleficent loves a good statement ring, so we included this onyx gold bauble with claw detailing. The Stella McCartney purple card holder is equal parts tough and practical. To pay tribute to her signature green flames, these green sunglasses from Revolve are just as cool as Maleficent is.

Now, you know Maleficent is probably the type of villain who touches up her makeup throughout the day, so we included some of her staples. First, the Gucci purple palette is a must for Maleficent’s signature eyeshadow look. And of course, we couldn’t forget a red lipstick. This lip pencil from NARS is called “Dragon Girl,” which we think is perfectly ¬†befitting for Maleficent.

What do you imagine would be inside Maleficent’s purse? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 1 year Ago
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