Packing Our Bags for: DunBroch

As dream-worthy as a snowy white holiday season may be to some, there’s something to be said for overcast skies, greenery, and crisp cold. And if you’re anything like us, this weather—perfect for cozy sweaters and morning walks—guides our wandering minds to DunBroch, the beautiful kingdom in the Scottish Highlands where Disney•Pixar’s Brave is set. For this edition of Packing Our Bags, we’re dreaming up a trip to Merida’s home. 

DunBroch Polaroids - wide

Featuring gorgeous castle ruins, a forest fit for exploring, and a ring of stones reminiscent of Stonehenge, DunBroch’s natural landscape is pure magic. The filmmakers captured Scotland’s rugged beauty in the film, and we packed a wardrobe that’s perfect for the environment.

Packing For Dunbroch
Turtle neck: Topshop; Scarf: Treasure and Bond; Pencil skirt: H&M; Ring; Armenta; Socks: H&M; Beanie: H&M; Boots: Halogen; Clutch: Kate Spade; Bracelet: Mantraband; Purse: Sam Edleman; Cardigan: Forever 21; Jeans: H&M

Opting for layering-friendly pieces, we’ve mixed and matched an array of comfy textures and durable materials. The turtleneck, socks, beanie, and cardigan ensure warmth in the chilly DunBroch winds, while the leather boots ensure all-weather readiness. Extra points go to the gorgeous tan leather tote for its bright shade of orange, a hue almost as radiant as Merida’s hair.

Do you know what would you be most excited to pack? Share wardrobe tips and ideas for future destinations with us in the comments.

Posted 4 years Ago
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