Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Moana

If the shopping guidethe nail art, and the phone backgrounds didn’t give it away already, let us state the increasingly obvious: we are so into Moana right now. With its adventurous tale, gorgeous artwork, and of course, its strong and capable lead, it’s probably not hard to guess why.

In honor of the film’s recent release, we’re dedicating this edition of our “Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style” series to taking a closer look at everything that makes Moana’s signature style unique.


Moana’s top and skirt were designed with traditional textile patterns in mind, made from materials found around her island, while her natural hairstyle refreshingly reminds us of our own. On the whole, her adventurous style’s blend of functionality and distinctive flair perfectly encapsulates what we love about this resourceful heroine.

What’s your favorite thing about Moana’s style? Share in the comments! And go see Moana in theaters now!

Posted 4 years Ago
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