8 Favorite Looks From Once Upon a Time

From the very beginning, the costumes of Once Upon a Time have always been impressive. And with a story that has spanned from the Enchanted Forest, to Never Land, to the Underworld, to Storybrooke, the costumes have always been as enchanting and magical as the settings and characters. With so many different looks, it’s nearly impossible to narrow them down to just a few of our favorites. But with Season 6 just beginning, we wanted to look back at some of the most memorable looks from Once Upon a Time. 

Red’s Cape


There are a lot of capes throughout Once Upon a Time, but if we had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be Red’s. It has all the fairy tale grandeur you’d expect from a character in the Enchanted Forest, and the subtle pattern gives the cape dimension.

Zelena’s Storybooke Outfit

The hat, the gloves, the necklace … you might not agree with Zelena’s evil plans, but you have to agree that she has great style. Her hat game is as sharp as her comebacks.

Snow White’s Bandit Look


Sure, we love Snow White’s fairy tale gowns, but there’s something to be said for Snow’s bandit look in the Enchanted Forest.  We love the use of different materials throughout, especially her cool belted vest.

Mulan’s Warrior Look


Mulan is one of our favorites in the series. We’ve always admired her bravery and loyalty, so it’s only fitting she have an outfit that’s worthy of her character. The details in her look show true craftsmanship and make her stand out from the crowd.

Emma’s Red Jacket

Now, it wouldn’t be a Once Upon a Time outfit post if we didn’t mention Emma’s red jacket. Her iconic outwear has been there since the very first episode, and we just can’t picture Emma without it. It’s definitely a piece that will stand the test of time.

Elsa’s Ice Dress

Elsa OUAT Palace

When Elsa and Anna joined the world of Once Upon a Time we couldn’t wait to see what their dresses would look like in Storybrooke. One of our favorite costumes was definitely Elsa’s ice dress. With her snowflake-adorned cape and dazzling adornments, Elsa’s dress is one of the most memorable looks in the series.

Captain Hook’s Classic Pirate Look

Once Upon a Time Hook

Hook has had a few different outfits over the seasons, but we’ve always been drawn to his classic pirate look. His signature jacket (which we got to hold one time, and let us tell you, it weighs a lot!) has tons of great details. Of course, you can’t be a pirate without accessories, and Hook layers them all on in that imperfect perfect way that we adore.

Basically Everything the Evil Queen Wears

evil queen from once upon a timeIt’s a fact that the Evil Queen has the best wardrobe in Once Upon a Time. Every gown, cape, and accessory is embroidered and tailored to perfection. We could go on and on about our favorite Evil Queen looks, so we’ll just have to revisit her costumes in another article!

What’s your all-time favorite costume from Once Upon a Time? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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