11 Disney Princess DisneyBounds We’re Wearing This Fall

I’m not sure what it is about the Disney Princesses that make them so classic. With their diverse storylines and personalities, there is a Disney Princess for just about everyone. For me, personally, Pocahontas is one of my favorite Princesses! Her free spirit and unapologetic personality are what I relate to the most.

As a child, I remember coloring in Disney Princess coloring books, trying to match the colors and bring their gowns to life. Today, when I put together DisneyBounds for them, it gives me that same level of excitement. I usually start with a character, and then I think to myself, “What style will she have today? How will she accessorize it? Where is this Princess going to rock her look?” More often than not, each DisneyBound I put together has a secret muse. In order to come up with the particular style of that look, I’ll picture a friend’s personal style—and build it out from there. In this piece, I’ve actually included some looks for your favorite Disney Style friends.


Overall denim dresses are everywhere this season! Pair them with a white shirt and some black shoes and you can easily DisneyBound Belle’s dress. I’ve added Belle’s bow accessory as a detail on her purse. In this scene, Belle reads her favorite book (about far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells … and a prince in disguise) to a flock of village sheep—which is why I’ve given her the book pendant and the adorable three- finger lamb ring.


I hope you like pink! Ariel’s pink dress is one of my favorites. Some might say that a pink dress doesn’t go with red hair. But, I say that it clashes so much, it actually goes together. I chose the scalloped shorts, as they remind me of the ruffles on her dress. A dinglehopper necklace is an Ariel DisneyBound must-have! The rest of her accessories are reminiscent of her mermaid days.


Pocahontas is the Disney Princess I relate to the most, so for this look, I styled it to match my casual style (although, it usually involves more black). Choosing a dress that matches a tone similar to her’s, I paired it with a pair of fringed slip-on flats which represent the fringe on her dress. Giving it a more modern flare, I gave her a turquoise choker to mimic her mother’s necklace. To break up the monochromatic tone of this look, I gave her colorful bangles which represent the colors of the wind.


I styled this look for Nicole from Disney Style. My interpretation of Nicole’s personal style is trendy, yet soft and feminine. Culottes are a hard trend to pull off but this powder blue Cinderella DisneyBound is one that I think would look great on her. Instead of glass slippers, I’ve given Cindy a pair of silver sneakers—perfect for when Nicole is on location at Disneyland, putting together the next Disney Style piece!


Instead of making Mulan’s “Cherry Blossom” look—I chose to feature her training outfit. I’ve styled this look with Disney Style’s Shelby in mind. Shelby is always the perfect blend of trendy, bold and classic. Mulan’s look is a very layered look, which is what I tried to mimic in this DisneyBound, topping it off with a flowy, oversized green blazer. She’s a warrior but always has Mushu close by, so I’ve accessorized this look with a sword necklace and a dragon ring.


While she would probably switch the bag out for a Chanel, and the bear necklace would be Moschino, I’ve styled this Merida DisneyBound with Disney Style’s Ilana in mind. Matching the shade of dress to Merida’s, I’ve accessorized it with items which she comes into contact throughout her story—like arrows and Mor’Du, in the form of a teddy bear.


At the launch event for Destination: Disney Style, I had the pleasure of spending a car ride over to the event with Nylon editor Marissa Smith, whose Instagram @marissaexplains, is one I now thoroughly enjoy following. Her personal style is funky, colourful, and bold, and exactly what I needed to make this Snow White DisneyBound. She lives in New York, so I’ve given her a blue bomber jacket and yellow sneakers, perfect for Autumn in the city. While I don’t see Marissa wearing a red hair bow in her hair like Snow does, I do see her rocking a pair of red cat-eye sunglasses on top of her head, to complete this DisneyBound.


Creating a DisneyBound for Aurora can always be difficult. Do I make it pink? Do I make it blue? When I saw this cropped tank with a white collar, I knew to make it pink! The white detail on Aurora’s dress is hard to transfer over into modern style, but this shirt makes it work perfectly. I kept it casual with a pair of pink Converse sneakers—with a few accessories relating to her story to finish off the look. This ring is one of my favorite Princess Aurora pieces, as it allows you to wear her crown, without literally wearing a crown.


Tulle skirts paired with pointy-toe stilettos are the epitome of Princess-inspired fashion. With homecoming around the corner, this formal look would be perfect. For a princess dripping in mint and gold, I’ve adorned her with jewels similar to what Jasmine wears in Aladdin. We can’t forget about Rajah—who is hinted at in the detail on the purse.


Any DisneyBounder will tell you how hard it is to find Rapunzel’s pinks and purples. I’ve found a lilac slip dress which I’ve paired with a pastel pink blazer—which I think would look SUPER cute with her brown bob hairstyle. Even though she’s rocking the bob now—I didn’t want to fully forget about her braid, so I’ve accessorized this DisneyBound with a pair of nude peep-toe booties with a braided detail around the ankle.


Tiana’s determination and entrepreneurial passion is one I admire. I wanted to give her a look that was as confident as she is. Reminiscent of the disco era, the pleat in these olive palazzo pants reminded me of the leaf detail on her gown. I’ve given her a leaf headband, to match her crown—and we can’t forget about her prince which I’ve given her in the form of a frog ring.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Beauty and the Beast, all of the Disney Princesses films are available for a limited time! Movie marathon anyone!?

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