All the Best Disney Stripes

When it comes to patterns, you can’t get any simpler than stripes. This print’s amazing versatility is tried and tested by a slew of Disney characters—each lending this basic pattern a unique twist. From basic bretons to vertical pinstripes, we’ve rounded up a list of our absolute favorites. Scroll through to see if you spot your favorite!

Smee’s Top


Smee was already featured in our Best Disney Shorts post—but we had to revisit his ensemble for this ranking of best stripes. His iconic crop top in blue and white can be read as an example of timeless “Breton” style, traditionally donned by sailors and makes for a great example of the nautical vibe stripes can lend to any outfit.

Jack Skellington’s Suit


Though we’re here to feature the “best” Disney stripes, we’ll gladly admit that the black and white pinstripes his signature outfit features are far from perfect. Extending in spindly tracks that sooner evoke woodgrain or spiderwebs than a traditional stripe pattern, Jack Skellington’s striped suit evokes the eerie spirit of Halloween itself. Though most would notice the bat-shaped bow tie and gloomy color scheme first, we’re convinced the rough-hewn stripes are essential to the overall aesthetic.

Cheshire Cat


Talk about famous stripes! Though the Cheshire Cat’s stripes are a feature of the very fur he lives in (as opposed to an outfit he takes on and off), no list of Disney stripes would be complete without them. Their vibrant shades of alternating purple and magenta create a color scheme as jolly and mad as the cat himself.



First of, full disclosure: we’d never stopped to consider what Piglet’s apparel was until titling it for this post. Is it a leotard? A smock? A romper? Whatever it is, we could hardly imagine it without its signature stripes. The delicate stripes balance out the bright shade of pink showing us that it’s the subtle details that can often make an outfit most memorable.

Nani’s Bathing Suit


We can’t state just how much we love this bathing suit. The shape alone is a sporty riff on a bikini, well suited for a day of active sports and Hawaiian fun, but it’s the stripes that elevate the suit to that perfect sweet spot of cuteness and practicality.

Bert Jolly Holiday’s Jacket


Bert Jolly Holiday more than lives up to his jovial name with this pastel striped blazer. Of all the Disney stripes, these may be one of our favorite instances.  Alternating between thinner stripes in light orange and broader stripes in rosy red, it’s all the fun, warmth, and whimsy of Bert’s character, encapsulated in blazer form.

Ratigan’s Striped Scarf


When it comes to villain style, Professor Ratigan may not get the attention he deserves. When it comes to stripes, however, we’re pulling him into the spotlight. His broad, striped ascot strikes a dissonant note of wackiness in an otherwise formal ensemble—visually cuing us in to the fact that Ratigan definitely might have a sinister streak.

Posted 4 years Ago
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