Can We All Agree That the Men of Beauty and the Beast Have Delightful Style?

Between the 18th century style and the oh-so-memorable magical transformation—there’s no denying that the men of Beauty and the Beast have a flair for fashion. After revisiting the proposal scene from Beauty and the Beast and, more importantly, noticing Gaston’s slender bow tie, we knew a deep dive was necessary.

Scroll through for fashionable pick-me-ups and see if you have a favorite.



We simply had to mention him first. Not only does Gaston rock the leggings trend way before it was a thing, he’s got a knack for accessorizing and is hardly seen without his signature belt or bold hair styles. In keeping with men’s styles of the period, he’s not afraid to wear bows for his wedding either, completing a bold style we have to applaud him for—even if we have a harder time celebrating his method of proposing.



It wasn’t until we really paid attention that we realized LeFou wears an adorable bow with his outfit. Whether he’s using a stein as a hat, or prancing around the tavern in his dark brown overcoat, LeFou’s style is unmistakable, and compliments Gaston’s so well that we’re vaguely suspecting they coordinated. Upon revisiting his outfit, we also realized that LeFou, too, was something of a style originator. Frequently pictured with a popped collar, he would have done brilliantly in the mid ’00s.



Out of context, it’d be hard to call a candlestick “fashionable.” One look at Lumiere however, would likely put any debate about whether it’s possible to rest. With his unique panache and ingenious style (Really, who else would think to use a candle snuffer as a top hat?), he deserves all our fashion praise. The brief moments in which we see him as a human—moreover, a human donning the boldest pair of shorts we’ve seen in any Disney film—definitely confirm our suspicions.



Much as we love Cogsworth’s choice in hats and sashes, his outfit as a human makes us wish he’d transformed sooner. Between his elegant curls, gold collar, and, of course, his pocket watch, he brilliantly embodies fashion from the era.



So much about Maurice makes us smile, but nothing quite like the fact that he wears mismatched green socks. Standing as a testament to the subtle importance of character fashion on the whole, this style detail does a great job of conveying this sweet genius’ scattered mind and delighting us in the process.



We’ve saved the be(a)st for last. Though it’s easy to be distracted by his unique features, Beast’s style is one of the strongest reminders the movie gives us that he is, in fact, a noble prince. Gold lined coats and richly hued capes are standards of his wardrobe, but we’re particular fans of his brief experimentation with ringlet curls and a baby blue bows.


Taking a second look at Beast in his human form, we realize that he’s wearing more or less the exact same outfit as before. We can only take this to mean he knew better than to mess with a good thing. Good call, Beast. Good call.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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