6 Bridesmaid Sets Inspired By Disney Weddings

Thinking back on all those precious few Disney movies that feature weddings, you begin to notice something—or rather, a lack of something: bridesmaids. Of course, it’s perfectly fine for a bride to fly solo on her big day. We’d like to imagine, however, that outside the confines of a movie, these powerful ladies would have a slew of lovely friends participating in the fun.

Taking into consideration their wedding dresses, bouquets, color scheme, and venue, we’ve chosen a handful of bridesmaid dress options for each of these heroine’s imaginary bridal parties.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Disney Weddings - Ellie

Oh, Ellie. Though this scene arrives as a blip in the film’s punch-to-the-gut opening, the glimpse we get of her dress is enough to inspire us. Given that her dress is a plain shade of white, and Carl doesn’t appear to be wearing a boutonniere, we’ve used the bright fuchsia flowers in the chapel as our color scheme and dressed Ellie’s imaginary party in shades of magenta and orchid. (Azazie)

Bridesmaid Dresses for Disney Weddings - Rapunzel

Rapunzel’s wedding dress, as seen in Tangled Ever After, is so beautifully ornate that we’ve chosen a simpler set of bridesmaid dresses so as to balance it out. These three dresses feature chiffon skirts that emulate Rapunzel’s gauzy veil and are tinted in hues reminiscent of her dress in Tangled—not to mention her kingdom’s sunburst flag!

Bridesmaid Dresses for Disney Weddings- Ariel

When you look at Ariel’s dress, it’s hard to think about anything apart from the word “sleeves.” Upon closer imagination, however, you’ll notice aqua colored trim on the bodice and skirt of her oversized gown and it is from these subtle accents—as well as the color of the ocean itself—that we’ve drawn the most inspiration for these bridesmaid dresses. All sleeveless and all in a fun shade of aquamarine, these dresses would surely be a fun bridesmaid style choice for any of Ariel’s sisters or friends.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Disney Weddings- Cinderella

Though Kate Middleton could likely be credited with resurrecting the sleeved wedding gown style, Cinderella was sporting the look long before then. Featuring a classic a-line silhouette and a traditional veil (held aloft by blue birds, we should add), this dress is the stuff of traditional wedding fans’ dreams. These three dreamy bridesmaid dresses keep with that trend by being cute enough to stand on their own, but muted enough to let the bride have her day.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Disney Weddings - Tiana

Of all of Disney’s brides, Tiana easily opted for one of the least conventional wedding dresses. Its period silhouette and slight green tinge convey the essence of the movie perfectly—proving that the best wedding apparel can not only look good, but subtly tell a story. Inspired by her color scheme and veil, these chiffon dresses are the perfect complement to Tiana’s gown. We’re pretty certain Lottie would look great in it, too.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Disney Weddings - Robin Hood

Robin Hood and Maid Marian may be one of our favorite Disney couples. Being such, we’re especially big fans of their fairytale ending. For their low key ceremony, we’ve selected a single bridesmaid that can be worn in various styles, a practical style solution for when members of a bridesmaid party have uniquely great shapes. The gold tone complements Marian’s white gown and Robin’s earth tones brilliantly.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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