Packing Our Bags For: San Fransokyo

For anyone that’s ever wished they could travel to two places at once, San Fransokyo would be the dreamiest of dream destinations. A futuristic fusion of San Francisco and Tokyo that draws architectural inspiration from either city, this locale features countless sky rises, eateries like The Lucky Cat Cafe, and—most relevant to the cast of Big Hero 6—the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology that Hiro Hamada and his friends attend.

BigHero6 Polaroids - wide

Unlike the more fantastical cities we’ve previously featured in this series, San Fransokyo has its feet firmly planted in two realities. With the city so reminiscent of iconic landmarks on the American west coast, it’s easy to imagine walking along blocks of pastel-colored Victorian homes or driving across its iconic San Fransokyo Bridge.

We’ve assembled a collection of mix-and-matchable clothes to create a suitcase as trendy and modern as this vibrant city.



Packing For San Fransokyo
White top: Lemaire; Skirt: Self-Portrait; Red Dress: Max Mara; Sunglasses: Dior; Purse: Anya Hindmarch; Shorts: Diane Von Furstenberg; Sweater: Stella McCartney; Jumpsuit: Chloé; Top: Balenciaga; Shoes: Louboutin

Whether you’re planning a weekend of casual trolley hopping or exploring the bright city by night, mixing rich colors—like red, olive green and mustard yellow, pictured here—with black and white basics create a mini-wardrobe with endless outfit possibilities. The jumpsuit, chosen for its sleek silhouette, would make for an easy outfit we’d be especially excited to test out. The fact that we could imagine GoGo Tomago or Honey Lemon wearing any of these outfits doesn’t hurt, either.

What would you be most excited to wear or visit in San Fransokyo? Share your ideas in the comments.

Posted 4 years Ago
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