An Ode To Chad Danforth’s Shirts in High School Musical

One of our favorite fashion aspects of the High School Musical franchise also happens to be one of the most consistent. We’re talking of course about Chad Danforth’s collection of graphic tees.

In no particular order, we present a Chad Danforth T-shirt appreciation post for your viewing pleasure:

Chad’s “I majored in VACATION” shirt from High School Musical 2

Chad Majored in Vacation HSM2

Starting off this collection of Chad tees is his iconic “I majored in VACATION” T-shirt from High School Musical 2. With its bright green color and capitalization of the word “vacation,” this shirt is the perfect way to start a DCOM all about summer fun.

Chad’s “Worship Waffles” Shirt from High School Musical

Chad worship waffles t-shirt in HSM

Chad and waffles, waffles and Chad—two of the greatest things, in our humble opinion. In all seriousness, this silly phrase tee is everything we love about Chad: random, comical, and lovingly wacky.  

Chad’s “Greenster” shirt from High School Musical 3

Chad greenster t-shirt in HSM3
Either Chad is gunning for the yearbook superlative of “Most Green Senior,” or he wants to make an impactful statement about the environment to the rest of the student body at East High. Either way, he’s showing us that a tee is a great way to contribute to the larger conversation about environmental conservation.

Chad’s “I Come With My Own Background Music.” shirt from High School Musical

Chad background music in HSM
Not only does Chad come with his own background music, he also rolls into school with his personal basketball that he literally takes everywhere he goes.

Chad’s “I Just Look Like Him.” shirt from High School Musical 2

Chad looks just like him t-shirt in HSM2
We would like to thank Chad for introducing us to the concept of “meta” before our AP lit teacher did.

Chad’s “He Did It.” shirt from High School Musical 2

Chad did it t-shirt in HSM2
Who is “he”? And what did “he” do? Is Chad being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and is this his cry for help? So many questions are posed by this simple slogan t-shirt, but unfortunately it appears at the end of High School Musical 2, and is never brought up in High School Musical 3. This shirt is just another part of the enigma that is Chad Danforth.

Chad’s “Easily Distracted” Shirt from High School Musical

Chad easily distracted t-shirt in HSM
As a staple of teen boys’ wardrobes from the early-to-mid 2000s, the graphic/slogan tee layered underneath the button down was the clothing take on the mullet’s party in the front, business in the back contradictory attitude. Conservative top layer when the grown ups are around, but cool guy graphic tee bottom layer when you’re hanging out with your basketball team.

Chad’s Dragon Graphic shirt from High School Musical 3

Chad dragon t-shirt in HSM3
Throughout the High School Musical series we see Chad’s style evolution mature from slogan tees to artistic graphic T-shirts, like this one featuring a dragon. Proud of you, Chad.

Chad’s “Viva la Basketball” shirt from High School Musical 2

Chad viva la basketbal t-shirt in HSM2
Everyone in this photo (sans Chad) looks like they’re about to say, “Chad, we get it. You like basketball. You carry around your personal basketball everywhere, and now you’re wearing a T-shirt that translates to ‘long live basketball.’ Dude, you win, you love basketball more than anyone else. Sheesh.”

Chad’s “Warning! Do Not Read This Shirt!” shirt from High School Musical 2

Chad's warning t-shirt in HSM2
If High School Musical 3 is where we see Chad’s t-shirt style mature into a more refined fashion, we hit peak classic Chad t-shirt style in High School Musical 2. It’s all funny slogans, bright colors, and an instant “I must have that tee” feeling when Chad appears on screen.

Chad’s “Laughing on the Inside” shirt from High School Musical

Chad's laughing on the inside t-shirt in HSM
Chad’s teenage years summed up in one shirt. Side note, can we appreciate Zeke’s striped wrist sweatband? He is always ready for a game of pick up basketball, and that dedication is why East High won state.

Chad’s “My Mom Thinks I’m Rad” shirt from High School Musical 2

Chad's mom thinks he's rad t-shirt in HSM2

Dear Chad, not only does your mother think you’re rad, but we, too, think you are seriously rad. Sincerely, Disney Style.

Which one of Chad’s T-shirts is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 3 years Ago
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