7 Days, 7 Ways: Woody’s Yellow Flannel

Woody, Toy Story

Instantly recognizable by his distinctive hat, kerchief, and print vest, Woody checks every box in the cowboy style to-do list, making his outfit one of Disney•Pixar’s most iconic. The very foundation of this outfit, however, is an article of clothing that often hides in plain sight, going unnoticed—one whose versatility is almost on par with that of a plain white tee: the light, plaid flannel. Tuck this top into high-waisted pants, cinch it with a belt over a skirt, treat it like a cardigan and throw it on over a shirt and shorts—the possibilities are endless.

We’ve assembled seven unique outfits around a plaid top, in the same shade of mustard yellow as Woody’s, to prove just how handy this rootin’ tootin’ top can be.


  1. Sunday: Sundays were made for lazy outfits. Look good while keeping comfortable with this simple T-shirt and shorts combo, an outfit that uses a flannel as a light jacket for the transition months between fall and winter.
  2. Monday: Fight the Monday blues with an outfit that will have you feeling ready to take on the week. Try slightly rolling the sleeves of your plaid top and tucking it into a full skirt for a classic silhouette.
  3. Tuesday: This look is perfect for a day of running errands or a casual day at school. Cuffed shorts and more dramatically rolled sleeves on your top free up your limbs to soak up the last month of sun, while chic walking shoes will have you comfortably moving from place to place.
  4. Wednesday: Channel a fun ’70s vibe by tying your flannel at the waist and pairing it with these high-waisted flares. Adding wood wedges will give it that extra vintage feel.
  5. Thursday: Have a day full of meetings? Take your plaid top with you, by pairing it with high-waisted trousers and dressing it up with matching accessories. Dramatic makeup completes the look and gives it a professional touch.
  6. Friday: Thank goodness for casual Fridays. As you prepare to take your weekend to infinity and beyond, rock this casual, ’90s-inspired look by tying a flannel around your waist. If it gets chillier than anticipated during your after-work plans, you’ll have it waiting to warm you up.
  7. Saturday: This outfit is a perfect balance between daytime errands and nighttime plans with friends, and also uses a plaid top as a jacket. The added belt, however, gives it a more structured silhouette, cinching your outfit at your waist and lending your ensemble a comfortably chic air.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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