Quiz: Can You Guess the Disney Character From the Bow Tie?

A bow tie is a particularly magical piece of clothing. Though it serves no clear purpose and is notoriously difficult to tie, this accessory has withstood the test of time for the elegant polish it lends to every outfit it graces—a heroic emblem of humanity’s fashion-loving ways. Often spotted at Dapper Days and now sported by fashionable men and women alike, this vintage earmark of effortless elegance has so wildly surged in popularity that it’s earned its own holiday—National Bow Tie Day!

As is so often the case, Disney characters predicted this trend years before it took off. From Pinocchio to Inside Out, characters have proved this fashionable article of clothing’s timeless appeal; Now it’s time to prove how well you remember them. See how you fare on this bow tie quiz! It’s tougher than you’d expect.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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