DIY: Disney Patched Denim Jeans

One of our favorite trends right now is appliquéd denim. All of our favorite retailers low to high have begun introducing jeans with patches that fit within a particular theme. Gucci does flowers, ASOS did butterflies, Forever 21 has a moto-themed pair, and we (obviously) wanted a Disney pair. We collected Disney patches, found an old pair of jeans and got to work!

Learn how to make your own DIY patched denim with Disney style. Pair them with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers, a vintage band tee and heels, or a solid blouse and loafers. No matter what your style is, this is a DIY for everyone!


  • Pair of jeans
  • Mix of patches of your favorite characters
  • Any additional character descriptor patches
  • Hand-iron and ironing board
  • Thin cloth fabric (pillow case, table cloth, etc.) IMG_0420

Step 1:

Preheat your iron to the highest heat setting and, if you have the option, set it to the cotton setting. Iron out your jeans to get rid of any wrinkles. You want to make sure you have a completely flat surface before applying any patches. IMG_0423 2

Step 2:

Layout the patches how you want them to be positioned on each leg of the jeans. Use your non-Disney patches to create themes throughout your jeans. For example, an apple next to Snow White, or a daisy near Minnie Mouse. Note: It’s best to try the jeans on first and make sure you know where your knees hit, so that you don’t put a patch in an uncomfortable place.


Take a picture so you remember, then remove them and get started!

Step 3:

Place your first character appliqué face up in the place you’d like it set. Then, cover it with a thin cloth. IMG_0433

Step 4:

Hold the iron in one place on top of the cloth for 20-25 seconds. Keep it steady in your desired spot, and press down firmly. You don’t need to move it back and forth.IMG_0435

Step 5:

Turn the jeans inside out; hold the iron down on the back side of the patch firmly for another 20-25 seconds. Allow it to cool off a bit before you flip it back to the outside (you can burn yourself if it’s still too hot!). IMG_0437

If it doesn’t look completely affixed to the jeans just yet, repeat steps 4 and 5.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 3-5 with each of your patches on the front and back! DIY Patched Denim


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Posted 4 years Ago
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