10 Fashion Moments in Zootopia You Might Not Have Noticed

Zootopia fans will likely remember Judy’s Zootopia Police Department uniform or Nick’s green print top. More observant fans may even remember Judy’s casual rural look when she’s working at the Hopps family farm. But that one hipster porcupine? Or a the posh giraffe couple by the Acacia juice stand? So many fashion gems are hidden away in the backgrounds of Zootopia. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to unearth a few.

From the not-so-obvious to the downright obscure, check out these easy-to-miss Zootopia looks and find your next favorite!

Mrs. Hopps’ Carrot-Print Skirt

Zootopia - Hopps Parents - Skirt

Bunnyburrow features the freshest, farm-friendly fashions. It wasn’t until we took a closer look at Mrs. Hopps’ skirt, however, that we realized her skirt features this adorable carrot-print skirt—a sweet and subtle find amidst the sea of solid prints and flannel.

Ringer Tee

Zootopia - Pig Smiling

This ringer-tee and its youthful mix of colors only appears on screen for a few seconds, but it was long enough to catch our eye. We’re especially big fans of the splash of stars along its sleeve.

Oversized Frames and Plaid Skirt

Zootopia - Porcupine

There are times when you’re not sure if someone is dressed ultra-hip and vintage, or just an actually old person wearing his or her normal clothes. This is one of those times. Regardless, this porcupines oversized frames and plaid skirt remind us of something we’d see on a shelf at Urban Outfitters.

Henley Shirt

Zootopia - Tiger

For a ridiculously simple outfit, this maroon henley shirt and skinny jean combination makes a big impression.

Mr. Big’s Ring

Zootopia - Mr Bigs Ring

Mr. Big is undoubtedly one of the greatest minor characters in Zootopia. His accent, his chair, his style—he may be miniature in statue, but his style is outsized. His diamond blue ring is the cherry on top.


Zootopia - Wolves

These gorgeous coats caught our eye the very first time we saw Zootopia and have continued to impress us with each viewing since. Their dark wool and double-breasted style convinced us these wolves make howling good fashion choices.

Zootopia Junior Ranger Kerchief

Zootopia - Junior Rangers

For reasons people who have seen Zootopia will understand bestNick’s uniform in his childhood flashback is fraught. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s quite possibly one of the cutest outfits featured in the movie. The Junior Ranger kerchief he wears around his neck is also totally on trend.

Posh Office-Wear

Zootopia - Giraffes

Who knew giraffes would look this office-appropriate? Dressed in sweater vests and button-ups—cute dresses and cardigans—their pastel palettes give them the calming air of the exact type of people that’d sip fresh squeezed juice for breakfast.

Diamond-Print Purse

Zootopia - Otterton

Mrs. Otterton’s shoulder purse would be a welcome addition to any of our closets. With its vintage vibe and gold clasp, it adds a pop of color to her muted ensemble.

Tailored Blazer

Zootopia - Bellwether

Assistant Mayor Bellwether has such consistently top-notch style that it’s easy for her outfits to fade into the background. This outfit of hers, however, took centerstage. Pairing a tailored blazer with an earthy green top and a-line skirt, it’s the stuff of our office-wear dreams.

What’s your favorite fashion moment in Zootopia? Share with us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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