Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style: Jessie

In all aspects of her life, Jessie is a rarity. Though she doesn’t appear until Toy Story 2, this yodeling cowgirl—introduced as a hard-to-find collectible from “Woody’s Roundup”—displays a sunny spirit and unique sense of style that made her a quick fan favorite. While buoying her new friends with her happy spirit and helping execute their escape, she sports an outfit almost as lively as her personality, and given how fired-up this cowgirl can get, that’s saying something.

Anatomy - Jesse

Mixing bold colors, prints, and textures with ease, Jessie pulls of an ensemble that many wouldn’t dare to. Her black-and-white chaps contrast the bright yellow and red of her top and hat fittingly, while her single braid offers a sweet alternative to Bo Peep’s elegant bun. Her rustic belt buckle and boots are both exact replicas of Woody’s, proving she can pull off the rugged look every bit as well as he can.

What’s your favorite part of Jessie’s ensemble?

Posted 4 years Ago
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