Secretly Stylish Disney Characters: Chicha

When listing top-notch Disney heroines, “Chicha” is a name I’d argue comes to mind less often than it deserves. Memorable for her dry humor, quick-wit, and fiery spirit, Chicha from The Emperor’s New Groove is so much more than a supporting character. Lending a helping hand in Kuzco and Pacha’s escape—not to mention taking care of her home and two kids for much of the film independently and pregnant—this boss lady’s personality alone is enough to captured our hearts. The fact that her wardrobe is simply chic is the cherry on top.

From head to toe, Chicha evokes confidence and competence with a pared down ensemble we’re seriously into.


For a relatively simple outfit, Chicha’s apparel has a lot of detail. Her dress features an empire waist, geometric neckline, and thin belt—making it little wonder she wears the same one for the entirety of the film. Moreover, its color scheme hits a perfect balance between muted and colorful tones, featuring earthy shades of mustard, rust, charcoal, and turquoise that complement their rural environment.

Chicha_Color Scheme

Chicha’s accessories deserve a closer look, specifically, those earrings. Maybe I’m biased because I have a similar pair (or maybe I bought that pair because they reminded me of hers), but this style of earring offers a simple alternative to oversized hoops. I think everyone should have a pair for the fun touch they can add to any ensemble. Her broad headband is as functional as it is cute, keeping her short curls out of her face and lending a pop of color that has her low key twinning with her daughter’s pigtail hair ties.

Lastly, hats off to Chicha for rocking a razor sharp cat eye and thick brows—thereby predicting today’s most prevalent makeup looks ages before they were trending.


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Posted 4 years Ago
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