Artist Gabby Zapata Illustrates What Disney Style Means to Her

With our Destination: Disney Style series in full force, we’ve loved seeing all of your Disney-inspired fashions from around the world on Instagram, Twitter, and more. One of our designers, Gabby Zapata, was also so inspired by the series. She created these amazing sketches that capture different fashion trends from each of our Destination series. We also had a chance to catch up with her and find out what Disney Style means to her.

Where did you get inspiration for each of these sketches?
Each sketch is inspired by each country represented. Their beautiful national landmarks and their everyday life inspired these sketches! I also looked at street style photos from each country for inspiration for the outfits.




How does your art influence your own style?
I love fashion! Always have! I love seeing what’s new, upcoming, and trending and trying to incorporate it into my work.

New York

Out of all the Destination: Disney Style cities, do you have a favorite?
I think each city has represented Disney Style the very best in their own way! It doesn’t matter where you live to have a little Disney magic with you at all times!


What does Disney Style mean to you?
Disney Style means bringing a little bit of Disney with me everywhere I go. Whether it be my purse, cute earrings, or some adorable shoes!

Los Angeles

Illustration inspired by Red Valentino.

Watch the Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York episodes now, and stay tuned for London and Los Angeles in the upcoming weeks!

Posted 2 years Ago
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