How Many Ways Can Disney Characters Wear: Flats

Functional, comfortable, and ever stylish, flats are our go-to shoe style—perfect on days where neither sneakers nor heels feel entirely appropriate. Given their blend of elegance and comfort, it’s hardly a surprise that Disney characters wear them so frequently. Sporting this convenient footwear as everything from training gear to formal apparel, Disney characters consistently prove the versatility of this style, reaffirming its timeless appeal. Here are some of our favorites:


Flats - Belle

Belle’s classic black shoes were the first flats that came to mind when rounding up this list of Disney shoe style. Contrasting her pastel blue dress and white shirt and apron, they add an understated touch of elegance to her ensemble, while affording her the practical comfort of walking shoes.


Flats- Cinderella

While similar in style to Belle’s black flats, Cinderella’s shoes match her outfit more closely—proving that  brown and black can go together in an outfit.


Flats- Wendy

We’re not sure what kind of magic is contained in Wendy’s slippers, but they somehow manage to stay on her feet while soaring over London and far off into Neverland. Not only are they reliable, they make for a cute complement to her light blue nightgown.

Tinker Bell


Easily one of the most distinctive pairs of flats featured here, these shoes carry as much attitude as the fairy that wears them. Decorated with white pom-poms that match the shape of Tinker Bell’s distinctive top knot, this style of shoe is as trendy today as it was when Tink first wore them.


Flats - Mulan

We’ve heard of flats as office wear, but training gear? This was new to us. Here, Mulan pairs her shoes with long socks and shin guards, reimagining them as part of a functional uniform and giving us yet another reason to love this style.


Flats - Alice

Mulan isn’t the only heroine that pairs her shoes with socks. Alice wears hers with a pair of bright white tights for a youthful, vintage look. Matching them to her black headband makes them feel even more an essential part of her overall outfit.


Flats- Belle

Jasmine’s curled toe shoes are an unforgettable feature of her signature style. Pairing them with loose pants, her cute and comfortable footgear is as suited to walking around Agrabah’s marketplaces as it is to roaming her palace home.

Maid Marian

flats- marian

Though flat shoes are often seen as a more casual look, Maid Marian proves they can be every bit as elegant as their high-heeled counterparts. Here she pairs a white pair with her wedding dress.


Flats - Disgust

There’s a lot to love about Disgust, like the print on her dress or her mile long lashes, just to name two. Today, however, we’re admiring her expertly coordinated kerchief and shoes. Not many would be bold enough to wear a pair in a shade of metallic purple, but she pulls them off with panache.

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Posted 4 years Ago
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