A Definitive Ranking of Disney Characters’ Shorts

While experiencing a warm streak of summer days last week, a peculiar thought concerning Disney characters and shorts struck me: There are gowns, fabulous hairstyles, and accessories aplenty in the world of Disney character fashion, but it seems to me that Disney characters are lacking in the casual bottoms department—they seem to be, to put it simply, short on shorts.

Turns out, I was wrong. There are a lot of characters that wear this easy summer trend, and like any diligent fan of fashion in Disney movies, I set about ranking the best. Each has been graded on two factors: style and wearability. Scroll through to see if you agree!


Shorts - Mowgli

Style: 3/5 | Wearability: 3/5

What I should say about these shorts is that they’re not technically shorts and probably wouldn’t be fit to wear outside of a jungle. What I’m saying instead: I’d totally wear these. Their bright, red-orange color and linen fabric would be perfect for warmer days and would pair so well with a loose white button up and black flats. I’ve graded it a three out of five for both wearability and style.

Mr. Smee

Shorts - Mr. Smee

Style: 2/5 | Wearability: 5/5

While his crop top game is stronger than any, style seems to ranks lower on his list of his priorities when it comes to shorts. I’d imagine this pair comes in a some sort of cotton-polyester blend with  a comfy elastic waistband—a full 5/5 when it come to wearability. He earns a 2/5 for style for color coordinating, and top marks for knowing exactly what he wants out of his apparel.


Shorts - Pinocchio

Style: 4/5 | Wearability: 4/5

Of course, as a puppet Pinocchio probably didn’t have much say in what he’d wear—but he pulls off this pair of shorts with such panache. How cute is the print along the sides? This tailored pair has a high waisted fit and attaches perfectly to a pair of cute suspenders. I’m giving high style marks and a 4/5 for wearability.


Shorts - Nani

Style: 4/5 | Wearability: 4/5

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of Nani’s long denim shorts. These casual cutoffs—paired here with a pastel crop top—are a summer must, as they strike that perfect balance between a jeans’ durability and a pair of shorts’ easy comfort.

Christopher Robin

Shorts - Christopher Robin

Style: 4/5 | Wearability: 4/5

In all honesty, I love these shorts. They may not be particularly flashy, but I firmly believe that’s what makes them so magical. Fitting at that great few-inches-above-the-knee length and tailored to fit Christopher Robin’s frame well, they evoke youthful innocence—easily imaginable as part of an outfit Christopher’s mother lovingly laid out for him before a day of play.


Russell, Carl, and Dug find Kevin in Up

Style: 3/5 | Wearability: 4/5

Oh, Russell. When it comes to life and adventure, Russell gets a 10/5. When it comes to shorts, it turns out he doesn’t do too badly either! His earthy brown shorts are a practical part of his Wilderness Explorer uniform, matching his hiking boots and contrasting his orange kerchief and mustard-yellow top well. I’ve awarded him a 3/5 for style and solid 4/5 for wearability.


Baymax Hugging Hiro Big hero 6

Style: 4/5 | Wearability: 5/5

When I think Hiro, I think nifty. You know what else I associate with nifty? Cargo shorts—a 2000’s trend trumped only by those pants that would unzip into cargo shorts. It appears Hiro figured out how practical these shorts were too, as he wears them all throughout Big Hero 6, probably stuffing their pockets with all sorts of useful tools. Furthermore, he manages to make them look pretty cool, something I couldn’t say about my own forays into this style trend. He gets a 4/5 for style and a 5/5 for wearability.

Governor Ratcliffe

Radcliffe in Pocahontas Defense of Villainy

Style: 4/5 | Wearability: 2/5

As one of my coworkers has noted, I love working Governor Ratcliffe into any post that vaguely seems to invite him. This shorts post is no exception. I’m going to count Governor Ratcliffe’s cropped pants as shorts, and for their hot magenta color and chic fit, I’m granting them a full 4/5 for style. I’ve docked a few wearability points because, while he pulls them off well, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else that could.


Shorts - Mickey

Style: n/a | Wearability: n/a

As you can tell from my “n/a” scores, I’m of the mind that it’s impossible to rank Mickey’s iconic shorts—primarily because they’re, in a philosophical sense, not even shorts; they’re a symbol. Easily the most iconic of all Disney shorts, they’re a staple of Disney fashion as recognizable as Mickey’s iconic ears. For the purposes of this ranking, I will say that they’re pretty cute shorts. Their yellow buttons and high waisted fit evoke unparalleled nostalgic feels.

Do you have a favorite pair of Disney shorts? Tell us in the comments and suggest rankings of your own!

Posted 4 years Ago
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