Packing Our Bags For: Ariel’s Kingdom

The beauty of planning a vacation to an imaginary location is that nowhere in the Disney universe is off limits. Having sojourned to Rapunzel’s kingdom, Arendelle, and the land of Agrabah, we’re back with our most fantastical getaway yet—packing our bags for Ariel’s underwater kingdom. Abandoning any worries about how we’d breath underwater, or how ruined our clothes would get IRL, we’re basking in the glory of pure fancy and pushing our imaginations beyond all logical limits.

Atlantica Polaroids - wide

Home to Princess Ariel and ruled by her father, King Triton (excluding Ursula’s brief takeover, that is), Ariel’s kingdom features the king’s palace, Ariel’s grotto, Ursula’s lair, and more. We’ve packed accordingly to take advantage of all this land has to offer.

Packing For Ariel's Kingdom

Dress: Lisa Marie Fernandez; Sunglasses: Oliver and People; Shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals; Shorts: Bliss and Mischief; Purse: Sensi Studio; Romper: Mara Hoffman; Ring: Charlotte Chesnais; Top: EDUN; Bathing Suit: Esther Williams; Belt: Max Mara

First things first, we knew we’d need some swimwear, so we found a cute suit with a vintage silhouette, reminiscent of Ariel’s shell top and striking red hair. In keeping with The Little Mermaid‘s aquatic theme, this vibrant romper and mustard yellow top would fit in perfectly with Ariel’s colorful, fishy friends.

We think Ursula would be a fan of the ring we packed, given that it looks a lot like her eel sidekicks, Flotsam and Jetsam. Lastly, we’ve included a roomy purse for stowing away all the treasures we think we’d find—because if Ariel’s collection has proved anything to us, it’s that the ocean is home to all sorts of trinkets and treasures.

What would you take with you to Ariel’s kingdom?

Posted 4 years Ago
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